Illustrator Natalia Spivak
Editorial illustration is at my finger tips.
Hello, my name is Natalia Spivak, I will make illustrations for your article.
Do you write about finance, economics or social activities?
How wonderful, these are my favourite topics!
I bring humour to complicated texts so that they become easy to digest.
Illustrations for the article "What is the Difference between Preferred and Common shares" for Dokhodchivo by Sber
I am good at inventing metaphors.
And can crack any text.
"Three Cases When Great Investors Made a Mistake" for Dokhodchivo by Sber
"How Ideal Parking Is Organised" for by PIK
"Salary Project for Individuals" for Psblog by PSB Bank
Can capture likeness in portraits.
For Dokhodchivo by Sber.
Have worked for nice companies, will be happy if you join too!
Made illustrations for Sber,, PIK Group and others.
"History of First Stock Markets" for Dokhodchivo by Sber
"How to work from Home" for by PIK
"Russian Projects in Different Counries Investors shoul Know about" for Dokhodchivo by Sber
My full portfolio is here:
Let's work together!
Please drop me an e-mail or text to FB Messenger
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